The philosophy behind

New goals have been set for the public schools in Denmark. This places new demands on all participants of the school system: principals, teachers, daycare teachers, AKT-counselors, school committees and parents.

It is a goal that all pupils develop their skills and benefit more from the education. It is a goal that all pupils are met with a school that motivates. And it is a goal that the adults at school increase recognition of the pupils’ possibilities and potentials and are able to coordinate situations and processes that enhance inclusion.

These goals imply that all teachers should be able to create a good and growing learning environment for everyone in the class room, strengthen relationships among pupils as wells as the relationship between each pupil and the teacher. Eventually, this means that collaboration with the parents needs to be developed on the basis of equal dialogue.

In order for the participants of the school to carry out this work they have got to master the art of conversation and dialogue in such manner that there is room for the many voices and perspectives. They also need to build up an engaging view on relationships rather than focus on the individual so that every action taken and statement made support great cooperative relationships among pupils, teachers and parents. All of the above depends greatly on the ability of mastering communication and relationship skills.

Based on many years of experience in working with communication, teamwork, leadership and organizational development Haslebo & Partnere has developed the core ideas, methods, tools and clever grips that form relational school development.

Relational school development

  • Is based on research and best practice on how to further pupils’ inclusion, learning and wellbeing
  • Is developed from systemic, appreciative and narrative approaches to communication, learning, teamwork and organizational development
  • Is developed on the experiences, resources and ideas from teachers, educators and principals on how relational thinking and practices can be employed in all situations at school (during classes, breaks, homework cafes, parent-teacher conferences, cooperation between schools and homes etc.)
  • Focuses on knowledge and tools which teachers, daycare teachers and AKT-councilors can apply to further their roles as agents of change and facilitators of inclusive narratives.

Haslebo & Partnere offers consultancy to schools and municipalities that wish to work with relational school development.

Consultancy includes:

  1. Strategic sparring to the management team of a school
  2. Training in collegial teacher sparring
  3. Creation of an appreciative learning culture at the school
  4. Strengthening of collaboration between school and homes
  5. Training in process consultancy for teachers, daycare teachers, etc.
  6. Leadership training for principals in primary schools
  7. Inspirational presentations

Contact us on +45 39 62 05 05 or email Gitte Haslebo or Gro Emmertsen Lund for more information.


Target group
This is aimed at elementary school teachers – in both public and private schools. The training could be relevant for all teachers at a school, or it could involve a group with special interest in leading the way to develop a collegial teacher sparring model that builds on the teachers’ experience in knowledge sharing and team work. Participation from the management team could also be valuable.

Different teachers and different schools may achieve different outcomes from the following: 

  • The opportunity to learn from particularly useful thoughts and actions from colleagues
  • Get a breath of fresh air in the teacher role and gain a greater desire to teach the “difficult” classes
  • Receive more ideas on how to include all pupils
  • Create a safe haven so that each teacher does not feel alone with his or her tasks
  • Get help to reshape inappropriate communication patterns in a class
  • Boost knowledge sharing and the creation of knowledge across all teachers in the group
  • Enhance a learning-oriented culture at the school

The consultancy assignment can be designed in various ways. For instance, a process could take the following form: 

  • A 90-minute preliminary consultation participated by 1-2 members of the management team of the school and a couple of teachers, the union representative and a consultant from Haslebo & Partnere. This meeting allows for a discussion about goals, aspirations, design and a framework for the consultancy assignment
  • Inspirational seminar 1 through a half or full day for those teachers who wish to participate. The seminar will include presentations and exercises in training the tools of which the teachers can use to observe and give feedback to a colleague’s teaching and communication
  • After the first seminar, the teachers will then in pairs put into practice the agreed collegial teacher sparring
  • Inspirational seminar 2 through half a day looking at experience gathered from the completed process and ideas for further development of the model and the involvement of more teachers
  • A final consultation of 1 hour attended by the same people as in the initial consultation. Evaluation and discussion of new initiatives for further development of an appreciative learning culture in the school

Collegial teacher sparring is based on systemic, appreciative and narrative approaches to communication, learning and feedback with a focus on curiosity, exploration and equal collaboration.

Contact us on +45 39 62 05 05 or email Gitte Haslebo or Gro Emmertsen Lund for more information.  

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