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Haslebo & Partners have written several books in Danish. 
Until now, the following two have been translated into English:
- Practicing Relational Ethics in Organizations
- Systems and Meaning - Consulting in Organizations.

You can read about all our books in the following sections.   


Social Construction in Organizations - briefly told

Gro Emmertsen Lund
(Only in Danish)

Social Construction in Organizations – briefly told is an easy read textbook about Social Constructionist theory and practice with a focus on life in organizations. The book is a narrative about the emergence and development of the four Social Constructionist cornerstones: Systemic theory, Appreciative inquiry, CMM, and narrative theory – with a specific focus on how these have affected the way we see and understand organizations and working life. The book contains examples of Social Constructionist practice from the everyday working life in selected Danish organizations.

The book is relevant for students, leaders and employees. It is also relevant for participants as well as teachers on leader- and consultant programs. The book is an obvious choice when one wants to – in a readily accessible way – explain or understand what Social Constructionist organizational thinking and practice is all about.

Pages: 116
Price: 229 DKK  

The book can be purchased here.  


Practicing Relational Ethics in Organizations

by Cand.psych Gitte Haslebo & Cand.psych Maja Loua Haslebo, 
TAOS Institute Publication, 2012.

In unforeseeable ways, events in organizations can lead to loss of face, violations of personal dignity, damaged relationships and poor results. Managers, employees and consultants search for ideas that might help them deal with complicated situations in morally respectful ways. By telling nine dramatic real life stories the authors illustrate how managers, employees and consultants might find inspiration in key social constructionist concepts and relational ethics. They introduce and unfold five key moral obligations in relational ethics: social responsibility, dialogic obligations, shared responsibility for positioning, inquiry of value to the work community and the obligation to interact as morally responsible agents.

"Practicing Relational Ethics in Organizations is a wonderful book and I recommend it highly. It moves forward the discussion about ethics in organizations within a social constructionist perspective. Beautifully written and a delight to read, it provides an opportunity for English-readers to see how familiar ideas are being developed and practiced in a less familiar social, political, and institutional context, and - most importantly, from my perspective - the authors succeed in inscribing their wisdom and humanity. The book shows how we can make relational ethics support our being human in organizations."

- W. Barnett Pearce, Professor Emeritus at Fielding Graduate University, California

If you want to buy the book and have it sent to Denmark, please order it on the TAOS Institute's website. Use this link - For shipping options choose "international". The price for the book Is §24 plus delivery. The book will be shipped from the U.K. by postal services. Delivery costs vary as to the number of books you want to buy. Delivery time is approximately 6-10 days. You can also order the book by sending an email to with information about billing and delivery addresses.


Systems and Meaning - Consulting in Organizations

by Cand.psych Gitte Haslebo & Cand.psych Kit Sanne Nielsen

This book by Gitte Haslebo and Kit Sanne Nielsen was originally written in Danish and published in Denmark, where it has had four printings. We felt that these authors bring a new perspective to systemic work with organisations, and since there is far too little writing to match the amount of work being done in this area, we decided that this was an important book to add to our series. Readers will immediately feel familiar with the values and the conceptual framework that underpin Haslebo and Nielsen's work. They see organisational problems occurring in a particular context, they clearly trace the way problems arise out of relations amongst the different parts of the larger system, and they pursue the meanings that these problems have for individuals and organisations alike. Yet they also introduce new conceptual models, such as Kolb's model of experiential learning. But these authors are, above all, practitioners. They earn their living through their work with organisations, and it is this precious first-hand experience that must somehow be understood and articulated so that other practitioners can take the ideas into their own settings. The case studies are presented in some depth and are used to illustrate the way systemic concepts are translated into consultation work. Although this book is clearly written and accessible for practitioners out to work with organisation's, it is the depth of experience of the authors that comes through on every page.
David Campbell and Ros Draper, from their Foreword

The book costs 200 DKK + p & p and it can be purchased by writing a mail to


Relations in Organization - A World of Difference

(Only in Danish)
By Gitte Haslebo
Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, 2004
Our everyday language at workplaces often has unintended effects on our relations to one another. The author outlines new ways of working together in organizations to co-create a social world in which we enjoy working and which enables us to take part in mutually respectful relations. Throughout this book systemic, appreciative, narrative and constructionist concepts are linked to everyday life in organizations through illustrative cases illuminating the perspectives of both leaders, employees and consultants.

360 pages
388 DKK 

Appreciative HR and Organizational Development - Co-creation of Meaning, Action and Better Results

(Only in Danish)

By Maja Loua Haslebo and Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard
Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, 2008

An inspirational book for consultants and leaders on how to co-create organizational development in appreciative and inquiring ways. The theoretic ideas are linked to practical examples and the authors give their suggestions as to how HR practices such as recruitment, retainment, leadership development, stress management, absenteeism and commitment can be handled with inspiration from appreciative inquiry. Furthermore, this book contains a line of tools, methods, models, ideas for application, exercises for dialogue and reflection as well as inspirational real life stories based on several consultants useful experiences with appreciative inquiry in organizations. 

New Roads for Journalism - When Language Creates Meaning

(Only in Danish)

By Gitte Haslebo and Magnus Harald Haslebo (red.)

Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, 2010   

The book challenges the idealistic demand of objectivity and truth that dominates the firld of journalism; and it raises important questions about the future role of journalism as well as its methods, responsibilities, ethics, etc. Furthermore, the book demonstrates in concrete details how journalist's ways of using the language result in an exaggerated focus on differences and conflicts, creating polarization between people and groups, throwing suspicion on persons, and attributing sinister motives to persons. This negative language flourishes especially in the fields of journalism that focus on revealing hidden information and moralizing about it. The assumptions of these fields are challenged in the book, and new roads to a practice of jounalism with more promises and interesting perspectives are shown.
304 pages.
348 DKK. 

Gro Emmertsen Lund has released her new book: Social Construction in Organizations – Briefly told. The book is an easy read textbook about social constructionist theory and practice with a focus on life in organizations.

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