In Haslebo & Partners, we are in particular interested in enabling organizational members to work strategically with the development of a healthy, cooperative organizational community, thereby achieving the goals of the organization, while the involved actors experience meaningfulness, job satisfaction and appreciation of their own and others' contributions.

As of late new goals have been set for the public schools in Denmark. This places new demands on all participants of the school system: principals, teachers, daycare teachers, AKT-counselors, school committees and parents. And as such Haslebo & Partners have developed a variety of activites aimed at enabling the schools to live up to the new goals that centres around an engaging view on relationships rather than focus on the individual so that every action taken and statement made support great cooperative relationships among pupils, teachers and parents. All of the above depends greatly on the ability of mastering communication and relationship skills.

The envisioned Danish School is in every regard a Relational School and therefor 
Haslebo & Partners offers consultancy to schools and municipalities that wish to work with Relational School development.

Consultancy includes:

  • Professional discussion and feedback to the management group
  • Training in collegial teacher sparring
  • Creation of an appreciative learning culture
  • Strengthening of collaboration between school and homes
  • Process consultancy education
  • Education aimed at principals
  • Inspirational talks

Gro Emmertsen Lund has released her new book: Social Construction in Organizations – Briefly told. The book is an easy read textbook about social constructionist theory and practice with a focus on life in organizations.

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