Haslebo & Partnere offers consultancy services, training and management sparring to schools and municipalities that wish to work with relational school development - the visionary approach of New Nordic School. Haslebo & Partnere has been developing ideas and an array of tools which are based on best practice experiences and research about the relationship and communication skills needed in order to develop a school that enhances its learning environment and well-being of all pupils.

For 22 years, Haslebo & Partnere has served as a center for organizational development based on systemic thinking, appreciative inquiry and narrative practice. Over the years, consultants at Haslebo & Partnere have published a number of books and articles which are utilized at various educational institutions, in diploma programs and consultancy companies.


New Training Courses: Organizational Membership

With reference to Maja Loua Haslebo’s new book Organizational membership - the professional venue (2014) published by the Danish Psychological Publishing, Haslebo & Partners are now offering two new training courses in 2015.

The two training courses are:
1. Organizational membership - how to stage and practice it? The training course is for middle managers, union representatives, occupational safety representatives and consultants with an interest in organizational development. As agents of development in our organization, how can we inspire other employees to strengthen the organizational membership? And in what ways can we manage our own role in this process?

2. Organizational membership from a strategic perspective. The training course is for managers and executives who make decisions about the organization's central concepts. How can these concepts be shaped or reshaped to strengthen organizational membership? And how can decision-makers strategically make organizational membership a central focus point in the organizational everyday life?
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Short Videos from a Consultancy

Is it possible to use systemic and appreciative ideas in the school system? And how?
These are questions that Norddjurs municipality in Denmark is trying to answer. Norddjurs has explicitly decided on which epistemological approach they want to build their school system. Therefore, it is a part of the professional vision in the school and day care services that everyone should know what a systemic appreciative approach is - and that everyone should work in this way.

We have had the great pleasure of being external consultants on nine joint meetings in the municipalty. More than 1,000 employees participated.
In the following you can watch three short videos from our lectures at these joint meetings (the videos are in Danish):

Gitte Haslebo: The systemic approach

Gro Emmertsen Lund: Appreciative inquiry

Gitte and Gro: Linguistic creative forces



New Collaborators

In Haslebo & Partners, we have several collaborators.

We are now collaborating with TAOS Institute Europe (TIE) and the Norwegian consultancy firm Lent



Relational Development in Schools

By Gitte Haslebo & Gro Emmertsen Lund

This book is the first research-based handbook where systemic, appreciative and narrative approaches are applied in the school system. The book describes how school professionals can handle everyday challenges such as trouble in class, conflicts, bullying, cooperation with parents, and difficult changes – and transform them into beneficial learning experiences and collaborative relation-ships. Everyday life cases are used to show how school professionals can use relational thinking and a variety of tools to create inclusive learning communities.

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Gro Emmertsen Lund has released her new book: Social Construction in Organizations – Briefly told. The book is an easy read textbook about social constructionist theory and practice with a focus on life in organizations.

If you want to read a part of it in Danish, click here.

You can buy the book here.

You can read more about this book and our other publications here.


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